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automatische Siebdruckmaschine mit vier Pfosten


\ n Vierfach-automatische Siebdruckmaschine (Heckstart) \ n \ n

1. Scope of application:


This four-post screen printing machine are suitabe for UV partial varnish, overall varnish, transfer paper, dashboard, name plate, scratch card, sticker, membrane switch and all kind of large size materials

2. Feature: 


1) It is a 3/4 automatic production line which feeds material to printer by human hand, then takes off material automatically .The platform is adjustable and moveable, which make it convenient to put the material.


2) After the substrate printing , gripper auto take-off systerm pull out the printing material, then send it to next working procedure (drying and paper collecting). .


3). The speed of squeegee and flood coater can be adjusted separately.


4). Synchronous off-contact structure is adjustable for different sizes of frame.


5). High precision vacuum printing table make the printing even .


6). Use top grade linear rail for transmission of printing head and printing table.


7). Safety bar and emergency stop switch for security.



3. Product details:

Product Name

four-post automatic screen printing machine





Automatic Grade


Color & Page

Single Color/overprinting multi color




one year

Max Printing area


Max Printing thickness


Printing frequency(P/H)


Overprint accuracy


Flat precision


Printing pressure

0.6-0.8kg/square cm

Zahlungs- und Versandbedingungen \ n

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Set/Sets



Packaging Details:

wooden case,Dimension

Delivery Time:

one week

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

30 Set/Sets per Month

After-Sales-Service: \ n \ n 1) Nach den Anforderungen der Verbraucher, installieren und debuggen Produkt. \ N \ n 2) Nach den Wünschen der Verbraucher, die Verwendung und andere Aspekte der technischen Anleitung. \ N \ n 3) Sicherstellung der Lieferung von Reparaturteilen. \ n \ n 4) Verantwortlich für den Reparaturservice. \ n \ n 5) Auf dem Produkt "Drei Garantien". \ n 4. Produkt & einige Komponenten Bild: \ n \ n Druck Samle \ n

Produktgruppe : Automatische Siebdruckmaschine

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